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"What is it I look for when recommending a headshot photographer? I look for a professional shot with a professional service. I look for someone that has proven that their headshot increases the audition rates for my clients. I look for someone who always goes the extra mile. Alishia truly knows what is required to achieve all of this. My clients only speak highly of her personal approach, she is flexible and affordable. Most importantly her headshots increase auditions rates. Thank you Alishia!"

Sam Connor - Agent at Connor Management 

"Wonderful shoot with Alisha. Made to feel very calm and relaxed. The shoot was fun and direction all very clear. She listened to what I wanted from my shots and also gave some really great advice and pointers. So impressed with my shots, would 100% go back to her again."

Jessica Mescall - East 15 Graduate

"The best experience I've had to date. Alishia's relaxed style and consultative listening really enhanced my session. Two days after I uploaded my new shots I had 6 castings. Inexpensive, a positive experience and money well spent."

Brendan O'Connor - Actor.

“Headshot photography is such a specialised art and Alishia gets it right every time which is why we always recommend Alishia to our actors when they are looking for amazing new photos. Alishia Love’s photos are always of the very best standard and have been successful in getting our actors seen for commercials, theatre, TV and major blockbuster films.”

Leoni – Adult Agent – TTA

"I've had my headshots done twice with Alishia and I seriously cannot recommend her enough! She's great fun to work with and my pictures always get complimented by casting directors. Brilliant!"

Yana Penrose - ALRA Graduate

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