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Where do photo shoots take place?

My Photo shoots take place in my home studio in Moreton in Marsh in The Cotswolds. It is a gorgeous natural light studio, so you get all the perks of a natural light shoot, without the stress of wind or bad weather! 

There are regular direct trains from...

London Paddington (1hr23), 

Oxford (30 mins), 

Worcester (38mins)

Reading (1hr)

Its just a short 10 minute walk from the station to my studio.

It is also an easy to drive to Moreton in Marsh, and free parking once you arrive. Although most people when visiting the Cotswolds like to try and make a trip of it and stay in an

air b&b for a couple of days as its such a gorgeous area with so much to see!

What should I wear?

Think about your casting type and how you want to represent yourself in your photos- be honest and remember your headshots need to represent YOU. If you have an agent, be sure to check with them incase they have any specific looks they want you to do. Think about colours that compliment your hair/eye/skin colour- natural, earthy colours tend to work really well on everyone. From experience I would suggest trying to avoid bringing anything white, too vibrant or anything with logos or strong patterns as these colours are very bright and distracting. You want your eyes to be the main focus. Feel free to bring a variety of different tops if you cant decide and I can help you choose. Please wear a plain base vest underneath so that changing is quick and easy.

How can I prepare before the shoot?

  • DRINK WATER! And plenty of it! You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference this makes on your skin, if you drink plenty of water every day for at least a week before the shoot, you will have glowing skin and it really shows in the photo.

  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before! I know it’s tempting, but alcohol really makes you look tired and gives you bloodshot, sensitive eyes. 

  • If you have a fringe, please make sure you have it cut a few days before the shoot. You may not think your fringe grows quick, but it does! A long fringe hides the eyes in the photo and really hides any connection in your eyes.

  • I would suggest not using any face masks or creams that your skin isn’t used to. If you usually us face masks then this is fine but if your skin isn’t used to it, you could get a reaction and get a red face!

Can I pay extra to get more pictures retouched?

Of course! Extra retouched photos are just £20 per image.

How do I pay?

Payment is cash or card on the day or bank transfer the day before - I will provide you with a receipt. Cheques are not accepted.

How long will it take me to receive the final retouched images?
Please allow 7-10 days to receive your final headshots.


Can you recommend somewhere to get my headshots printed?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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